28 March 2024

Opening of New SloMoBIL Premises


On Wednesday, March 28, 2024, we celebrated a significant milestone for the TwinBrain project (highlighting the long-term impact). On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Scientific Research Center Koper (ZRS Koper) and the 20th anniversary of the Institute for Kinesiology Research (IKARUS ZRS), we ceremoniously inaugurated the new premises of the Mediterranean Health Center ZRS Koper and the Laboratory IKARUS and SloMoBIL (ZRS Koper). These facilities are located at Pristaniška 45 Street in Koper. On this occasion, researchers also paid tribute to one of the pioneers in our field, the Koper physician Santorio Santorio, who laid the foundations of quantitative medicine and physiology 400 years ago.


We are pleased to announce that SloMoBIL has acquired new premises, now spanning 200 square meters, compared to the previous 90 square meters. This enables further work and brings a new impetus to researchers in the field of Neuroscience of Movement and beyond.


18 january 2024

European Commission highlights TwinBrain Project as a success story in neuroscience of movement


In a recent announcement, the European Commission has recognized the TwinBrain project (TWINning the BRAIN with machine learning for neuro-muscular efficiency, Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation, H2020-2018-2020, grant number: 952401) as a noteworthy success story.


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25 februar 2022

TwinBrain round table 1.0: WOMEN IN SCIENCE


An event held on 11 February, in conjunction with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, held by the Institute for Kinesiology Research (ZRS Koper), was a round table entitled “Women in Science: The System of Equality  ≠  Equal Opportunities” at the Koper Theater. It was part of the TwinBrain project (TWINning the BRAIN with machine learning for neuromuscular efficiency, Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation (H2020-2018-2020).


From the standpoint of the participants, the discussion was centered around the question of whether the equality system represents equal opportunities for both genders. Dr. Saša Pišot, a research fellow from the Institute for Kinesiology Research, ZRS Koper, moderated the discussion.


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29 september 2021

TRIESTE NEXT: ZRS Koper and TwinBrain contributed to the crossroads of


Last weekend, for the tenth year in a row, Trieste became a crossroads of science. The jubilee edition of the Trieste Next event took place on Veliki and Verdi square, with as many as 200 lecturers performing live and the organizers prepared a 100 meetings and 200 accompanying events. At a lecture on Parkinson’s disease in the field of neuroscience, robotics, and movement, the director of ZRS Koper, prof. Rado Pišot, PhD, and TwinBrain project manager,

Uroš Marušič, PhD.

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 8 july 2021

Koper has a new research laboratory in the field of motion neuroscience


A new laboratory, SloMoBIL: Slovenian Mobile Brain / Body Imaging Laboratory, already started operating within the Scientific Research Center (ZRS) Koper. Equipped with the latest technology to research neuromuscular efficiency, the lab will make an important contribution to conducting research aimed at an in-depth understanding of our brains during movement.

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 2 july 2021

Summer School Neuroscience of movement 


At the beginning of July 2021, a summer school entitled “NEUROSCIENCE OF MOVEMENT: EXPLORING THE DYNAMICS OF THE HUMAN BRAIN IN MOTION” took place in Piran and remotely through Zoom. The summer school was intended for doctoral and master’s students in the fields of kinesiology, physiotherapy, psychology, cognitive science, biomedical engineering and other related sciences.

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22 APRIL 2021

TwinBrain Workshop 1.0: Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI)


The Berlin Mobile Brain/Body Imaging labs (BeMoBIL) at @TUBerlin will host the first MoBI workshop from May 25th to May 27th supported by the EU Horizon 2020 program (TwinBrain ID:952401). The workshop will be streamed live allowing for interactions among participants and presenters. Details and the workshop website will be launched in April.

May 25th: The workshop will start with a full day of background lectures on MoBI with a virtual lab tour of the Berlin Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Labs providing the opportunity to meet with researchers and to discuss specific MoBI research questions from hardware to theory.


Presenters will be @Janna Protzak, @SarahBlum, and @MartinSeeber, and @KlausGramann with a keynote on Tuesday by @DanFerris
Then, two days of hands-on modules follow.

May 26th: Hands-on modules will cover the topics
– “Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) for MoBI data”,
– “Data synchronization with the Lab-Streamin-Layer (LSL)”,
– „MoBI data import and preprocessing“,
– “Multimodal event extraction and data preprocessing”, and
– „Clustering of MoBI data“.

May 27th: Hands-on modules will cover the topics
– “Deconvolution of MoBI data – the unfold toolbox”,
– „Gait analyses – biomechanical aspects“, and
– “Gait analyses – brain dynamics”.

We are very happy to have @BenediktEhinger, @OlafDimigen, @MartinSeeber, @BettiWollesen, @UrosMarusic, @SeinJeung, @MariusKlug, @JannaProtzak, @AnnaWunderlich to provide insights into the background and analyses approaches of the hands-on topics.

Looking forward to seeing you in May!

Interested in this workshop please send an email with your full name and affiliation to:


11 March 2021

Presentation of the TwinBrain project on RTV Slovenia


Dr. Uroš Marušič (TwinBrain Principal Investigator) presented activities of the TwinBrain project at the national TV on 24 February 2021 (online 11 March 2021) . Link to the interview:

10 November 2020

Kick-off meeting of the TwinBrain project on 10 November 2020


Successful completion of the TwinBrain kick-off meeting and official start of the TwinBrain project.