30 APRIL 2021

Piloting: experimental protocol with mobile EEG, optical gait systems and motion trackers @BeMoBIL: Berlin Mobile Brain / Body Imaging Lab

In the period MARCH -MAY 2021 Slovenian researchers are hosted by a German partner at the Department of Biopsychology and Neuroergonomics at Berlin Institute of Technology.

23 December 2020

TwinBrain Journal Club: Cognitive-motor interference and attentional reserve

On December 23th 2020 we held the first TwinBrain journal club. Selected publications investigating the interplay between cognition and locomotion using EEG were discussed, focusing particularly on neurophysiological biomarkers such as event-related P3 response and theta oscillations.

10 December 2020

Introduction to EEG feature extraction with machine learning.

As part of the TwinBrain education, we organized an online workshop on basic machine learning concepts and its benefits for EEG analysis. The workshop was held on December 10, 2020. Hands-on examples were presented using BCILAB toolbox.

December 2020

Piloting: experimental protocol with an EEG system recorded during cyclic movements.

Starting in December 2020, we conducted a study using an EEG system during a cycling protocol to assess electrocortical activation patterns during cyclic movements in healthy adults.

December 2020

Pilot measurements with mobile EEG system

From December 2020, we conducted pilot measurements with the mobile EEG system to assess cognitive-motor interference in healthy adults.