15 FEBRUARY 2022

Round table discussion:

Women in science: A System of Equality ≠ Equal Opportunities

On the 15th of February 2022, a few days after an International day of women in science, a round table discussion on Women in science: A System of Equality ≠ Equal Opportunities was held at the Koper Theater. Invited guests dr. Ana Rotter, prof. dr. Nadja Furlan Štante, prof. dr. Bettina Wollesen, PhD student Anna Wunderlich, prof. dr. Lenart Škof, and prof. dr. Rado Pišot talked about the extent to which the equality system also represents equal opportunities for both sexes based on their own experience. They presented good practices, highlighted existing barriers, and discussed what it means to implement Gender Equality Action Plans for management and employees. The discussion was moderated by dr. Saša Pišot.






10 JULY 2021

TwinBrain Summer School 1.0:

Neuroscience of movement: Exploring the dynamics of the human brain in motion

TwinBrain Summer School 1.0 was held in Piran from July 6th to July 10th, 2021. Students of kinesiology and movement science, physiotherapy, psychology, cognitive (neuro)science, biomedical engineering, and related fields attended Summer School both in-person and online.

The following modules were offered to participants:

Module 1: Crosstalk between human motion (neuro)science, psychology, and biomedical engineering

    • Strategies for cognitive-motor training | Bettina Wollesen (Germany)
    • Motor-cognitive interactions – lines of research and principles of training | Claudia Voelcker-Rehage (Germany)
    • Hands-on session | Bettina Wollesen and Claudia Voelcker-Rehage (Germany)
    • Understanding gait and balance control for falls prevention | Eling De Bruin (Sweden)
    • Keynote lecture: Learning to Move on Earth and In Space | Rachael D. Seidler (USA)

Module 2: From brain to muscles, from muscles to brain Part I

    • Muscle-brain crosstalk in everyday life | Rado Pišot (Slovenia)
    • Biomechanics of skeletal muscle | Boštjan Šimunič (Slovenia)
    • Electromyography – from methodology to practice | Ramona Ritzmann (Switzerland)
    • Decomposing the brain-to-muscle interface with peripheral nerve stimulation | Sidney Grospretre (France)

Module 3: From brain to muscles, from muscles to brain Part II

    • Estimation and interpretation of neural codes in surface electromyograms – from the brain to muscles | Aleš Holobar (Slovenia)

Module 4: Neuroplasticity after injury and neurorehabilitation

    • Brain activation changes after musculoskeletal injuries – potential implications for rehabilitation and return to sports | Florian Giesche (Germany)
    • Electrophysiological control of robotic devices – where neurophysiology meets bioengineering | Kevin De Pauw (Belgium)
    • Advances in neurorehabilitation – improving motor control with brain-computer interfaces | Milos Ajcevic & Aleksandar Miladinovic (Italy)
    • Using fNIRS in virtual environments to study brain function during complex cognitive-motor behavior | Robert Stojan (Germany)

Module 5: Challenges for future research avenues in the neuroscience of movement

    • Imaging Human Brain Dynamics in Motion – why and how? | Klaus Gramann (Germany)
    • Organization of large-scale brain networks in ambulatory setups | Martin Seeber (Switzerland)
    • Brain Regulation of Exercise – Implications for Health and Performance | Eduardo Bodnariuc Fontes (Brazil)

Extra module: Career Counseling

Video content is available and can be shared via email upon request:


On the 8th of July, we had an official opening ceremony of the Slovenian Mobile Brain/Body Imaging lab (SloMoBIL).






31 May 2021

Piloting: Experimental protocol with mobile EEG, optical gait systems, and motion trackers

In the period MARCH – MAY 2021 Slovenian researchers were hosted by a German partner at the Berlin Mobile Brain / Body Imaging Lab (BeMoBIL) at the Department of Biopsychology and Neuroergonomics (Berlin Institute of Technology).






 27 MAY 2021

TwinBrain Workshop 1.0:

Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI)

The Berlin Mobile Brain/Body Imaging labs (BeMoBIL) at the Berlin Institute of Technology hosted the first MoBI workshop from May 25th to May 27th, 2021. The workshop was streamed live allowing for interactions among participants and presenters.

The following lectures were offered to participants:

    • Trial-by-trial EEG source dynamics predict the speed of gait adaptation | Johanna Wagner
    • MoBI Gait-related Activity and Source Reconstruction of MoBI data | Martin Seeber
    • Lab tour BeMoBIL | BPN team
    • MoBi meets Android: Current Developments and Future Directions | Sarah Blum
    • Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) – What, Why, How? | Klaus Gramann
    • Multi-modal data recording (LSL) | Laurens Krol
    • Data import & BIDS | Sein Jeung
    • Motion Preprocessing | Sein Jeung
    • EEG Data Preprocessing | Marius Klug
    • Independent Component Analysis | Marius Klug
    • ICA Interpretation | Anna Wunderlich
    • Event extraction | Anna Wunderlich
    • Clustering Group Level Analysis | Marius Klug
    • Key Note: Mobile Brain Imaging of Human Movement with High-Density Electroencephalography | Daniel P. Ferris
    • MoBI Gait Biomechanics | Bettina Wollesen, Uros Marusic
    • MoBI EEG Gait Analysis | Martin Seeber
    • Unfold Toolbox I | Benedikt Ehinger, Olaf Dimigen
    • Unfold Toolbox II | Benedikt Ehinger, Olaf Dimigen


23 December 2020

TwinBrain Journal Club:

Cognitive-motor interference and attentional reserve

On December 23th 2020 we held the first TwinBrain journal club. Selected publications investigating the interplay between cognition and locomotion using EEG were discussed, focusing particularly on neurophysiological biomarkers such as event-related P3 response and theta oscillations.








10 DECEMBER 2020

Introduction to EEG feature extraction with machine learning

As part of the TwinBrain education, we organized an online workshop on basic machine learning concepts and their benefits for EEG analysis. The workshop was held on December 10th, 2020. Hands-on examples were presented using the BCILAB toolbox.







Piloting: Experimental protocol with an EEG system recorded during cyclic movements.

Starting in December 2020, we conducted a study using an EEG system during a cycling protocol to assess electrocortical activation patterns during cyclic movements in healthy adults.







Pilot measurements with a mobile EEG system

From December 2020, we conducted pilot measurements with the mobile EEG system to assess cognitive-motor interference in healthy adults.