30 DECEMBER 2021

TwinBrain Newsletter

  • Intro from the Principal Investigator TwinBrain Workshop 1.0: Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI), Berlin, Germany
  • TwinBrain Summer School on Motion Neuroscience, Piran
  • Slovenia Establishment of the SloMoBIL laboratory in Koper, Slovenia
  • Discussing the crossroads of science, Trieste, Italy
  • About the TwinBrain project


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13 MAY 2021

Radio Podcast: Exercise and the brain

That exercise is good for our body and brain is probably no longer questioned or doubted, but less is known about the mechanisms behind regular physical activity that contribute to better physical and mental well-being. Mojca Delač talked about the latest research, findings and work with Assoc. prof. dr. Uroš Marušič from the Institute for Kinesiology Research (ZRS Koper).


Link to the interview (the radio recording is in Slovenian):





11 MARCH 2021

Presentation of the TwinBrain project on RTV Slovenia

Dr. Uroš Marušič (TwinBrain Principal Investigator) presented activities of the TwinBrain project at the national TV on 24 February 2021 (online 11 March 2021).


Link to the interview:





4 November 2020

Journal Primorske novice: TWINning the BRAIN with machine learning for neuro-muscular efficiency

Activities of the TwinBrain project presented in the local journal Primorske novice (4th November 2020):